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Vision of Competence+

  • People are in the center of our interest.
  • People are the drivers in the dynamic work process and relate to each other and translate diversity into competitive advantage. They are responsible for collective results, as leaders or individual contributors. They take on the future challenges and will assure growth and prosperity.
  • People will make the difference – with their competence!

Competence matters

  • In an ever-changing world, especially in the context of the fast paced economy, competencies are the most powerful argument for success.
  • We all have spent many years by studying different disciplines, accomplishing apprenticeships or learning by doing to gather a technical skillset to prepare for a job. The entry ticket!
  • For a long time, these competencies were chassed like gems by the industry to recruit a robust work force, which seems to guaranty a bright future for the companies.
  • Nowadays this behavior has changed.
  • Technical competencies are still a factor, but additional ones are required to be successful in the digitalized environment.

Which competencies matter most?

  • Once we got started in the business world, very quickly we get aware of what is at stake.
  • Many of our colleagues have a similar background, pursuit the same studies and some times even within the same institutions.
  • But they do perform differently! Why?
  • Core competence is no more enough to be good.
  • Other ones like interpersonal ability, leadership and management skills as well as specific business competencies are needed to be competitive.

The synergy of
Personal Competence/Collective Competence/Business Competence
truly respond to the market principle:

Collective performance primes over individual stars!